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Baptist Church Planting WEST Internship Program

This is a unique, traveling ministry internship opportunity that allows you to:

  • See a variety of small-church ministries in the Intermountain West

  • Get a wide range of ministry experiences

  • Learn from several different godly men in the ministry

  • See the needs of the people in the small-town West

  • Get a look at different town and culture dynamics

  • Develop a burden for a rural ministry?

  • Meet your wife?

  • And still help pay your school bills!

We have partnered with Moab Baptist Church in Moab, Utah beginning in the summer of 2022, to participate in their new traveling internship program. It is designed to do a few things that are unique in the world of church internships:

  1. Allow the intern to experience more than just one ministry and leadership style

  2. Allow the intern to experience ministries he normally could not

  3. Allow smaller churches who could not afford a full internship themselves to still participate in the training of young men for ministry

  4. Allow the intern to still make good financial progress on his school bills despite being involved with small churches

This program is undergirded by the conscious fact that the souls of the people in these small towns scattered all through the Intermountain West are just as eternally valuable as everyone else's: and also by the fact that it is often these small towns which have no biblical church, or a biblical church but an empty pulpit. . .or sometimes just no gospel witness at all!

We are excited for what the Lord is doing through this! The intern from the 2022 pilot year of the program has since graduated and accepted a position at a small-town church in Colorado. The 2023 year has two interns, on two different routes, in a territory that spans parts of Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, and Utah.

To learn more about this unique ministry internship program, visit the BCPW page of Moab Baptist Church's website, read the BCPW Internship Program information page, or take a look at the BCPW Facebook Page.


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