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Listen Online to Recent Sermons

Faithful, textually-based preaching and teaching is a core aspect of any biblical church. 

It is our aim through this local ministry to disciple believers in their faith, and to make the gospel known to the lost. One of the main ways these things occur in the church is as the Holy Spirit works in the hearts of people through consistent, definitive, and Spirit-filled preaching of the Word of God. 

This space is intended to make sermons in that vein available to our own members when they cannot be physically present, and also to make biblically-based preaching freely available to those who may be looking for it but don't have a source local to themselves.


Sunday AM Messages

These are messages from out regular, ongoing Sunday morning exegetical series.

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Sunday PM Messages

These are messages usually from our regular, ongoing Sunday night exegetical series.

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Tough Passages


Midweek Messages

These are standalone sermons from the midweek prayer meetings.

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